Appraisal Department

Appraisal Department

The Appraisal Department is responsible for annual discovery and recording of new property and checking existing property for changes.  This department is broken down into two sections, Business Personal Property and Real Property.

Business Personal Property

The Business Personal Property (BPP) section is responsible for maintaining all personal property accounts.  This includes reporting new accounts as of January 1st of each year, reviewing renditions on the personal property accounts, and deleting accounts that are no longer in business as of January 1st.  The appraisers conduct field inspection of the accounts annually.  The department is also responsible for calculating abatement’s on accounts for taxing entities involved.  The Business Personal Property department uses various websites and/or publications to assist in the valuation of the property, i.e. construction guides and machinery trade publications.

BPP Forms & Guidelines

Useful information for property owners who have questions relating to, business personal property can access the Forms & Guidelines from here.

Real Property

The real property section of the appraisal department consists of residential, land and commercial appraisers.  This section is responsible for analyzing and interpreting market transaction to apply updated market values each year to all real properties in the county. In addition to market transactions, the commercial appraiser analyzes cost and income data for the valuation of commercial properties. This section is responsible for the collection of new construction every year and the review of existing accounts every three years.

Additional information is available by phone at 512-303-1930.

Boards and Committees

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