Tax Information

Tax Information

Payment and Collection of Taxes

The Bastrop Central Appraisal District does not collect or receive property tax payments.

For information on payment and collection of taxes please contact Bastrop County Tax Office at

The Tax Office is located at 211 Jackson Street; phone: (512) 581-7161.


DEFERRAL OF TAX PAYMENTS – Tax Code Section 33.06 allows certain qualifying persons to defer payment of taxes on their residence homestead.  It is recommended you contact the TAX OFFICE at (512) 581-7161 prior to filing the affidavit so you are informed of the qualifications and consequences of deferring payment of taxes.  The Tax Deferral Affidavit for Age 65 or Older or Disable Homeowner is available here . The Tax Deferral Affidavit for Appreciating Residence Homestead Value is available here.  Tax Deferral Affidavit’s are filed with the Appraisal District.


Truth In Taxation

Your property tax burden is determined by your locally elected officials.  The Texas Constitution requires local taxing units to make taxpayers aware of tax rate proposals and to afford taxpayers the opportunity to roll back or limit tax increases.   Click on the this link Truth In Taxation and you will be directed to a website that you can search for the breakdown of your local property taxes, the dates of tax rate public hearings or meetings, and public feedback.


Tax Rate History

For the history of tax rates, please click here.

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