Customer Service

Customer Service

Change of Address

Change of Address


Complaints are handled by the Taxpayer Liaison Officer.  Please follow this link for information on contacting the Taxpayer Liaison Officer and the complaint process .  <TLO>

Format and Delivery of Forms and Applications

You may deliver your form or application by

  • mail to our postal address of P.O. Box 578, Bastrop, Texas 78602
  • email to the appropriate department as indicated on forms/guidelines
  • drop off box located  on the south side of our building located at 212 Jackson Street, Bastrop, Texas

When submitting a form or application by email, it must be legible and is preferred as a .pdf file.  Photo imagery of the form is not acceptable.

On-Line Surveys

We are constantly striving to provide superior customer service and helpful information to the public.  Your input, positive or negative, would greatly assist us.  Please take a moment to fill out our customer service and/or website surveys.

Customer Service Survey

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Request for Information

Request for information must be in writing.  These requests can be submitted by email to:

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