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2020 Annual Report

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2021 Budget Overview

2020 Budget Overview

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Mass Appraisal Reports

BCAD Mass Appraisal Report-2021

BCAD Mass Appraisal Report-2020

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2018 Mass Appraisal Report

Reappraisal Plan

Bastrop Central Appraisal District has prepared a Reappraisal Plan in compliance with requirements of Tax Code Sec. 6.05(i) and 25.18, and to provide the Board of Directors, property owners, and taxing entities the Appraisal District serves with a better understanding of the District’s responsibilities and appraisal activities throughout the business year.

2021-2022 Reappraisal Plan

2019-2020 Reappraisal Plan

2017-2018 Reappraisal Plan

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts/Property Tax Assistance Division

Methods and Assistance Program

Tax Code Section 5.102 requires the Comptroller of Public Accounts to review each appraisal district’s governance, taxpayer assistance, operation procedures and appraisal standards, procedures and methodology at least once every two years.

Bastrop CAD 2019 MAP Review Results

Bastrop CAD 2017 MAP Review Results

Bastrop CAD 2015 MAP Review Results


Property Value Study

Government Code Section 403.302 requires the Comptroller’s office to conduct a study to determine the total taxable value of all proprty in each school district at least once every two years.  The results of the PVS can affect a school district’s state funding.

Bastrop CAD 2018 Final PVS Results

Bastrop CAD 2017 Final PVS Results

Bastrop CAD 2016 Final PVS Results

Bastrop CAD 2015 Final PVS Results


Bastrop CAD utility consumption information, as required under Government Code Title 10 Subtitle F Chapter 2265.

Bastrop CAD Utility Usage

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Bastrop, Texas 78602
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Our Mission

“To provide quality service with the highest principles of integrity, professionalism, and respect.  We will uphold these standards while providing an accurate, fair, and cost-effective appraisal roll for use in property tax assessment, while adhering to the property tax laws of the State of Texas.”