Notice of Value FAQ’s

Notice of Value FAQ’s

I just received this notice and I need to speak with someone about it.

We ask that you file a Notice of Protest either through the online appeal process of by completing the form mailed to you.  Once we receive it, we will schedule a date/time for you to speak with an appraiser by phone regarding your questions/concerns.  This is done so that we can better protect your rights as a property owner.

Why can’t I speak with someone now? I just have a few questions.

The appraisers are contacting property owners that have been scheduled for hearings.

Why did my value go up?  Don’t you realize people can’t afford these taxes?

We do understand the hardships people are facing however, Appraisal Districts are required to appraise property at 100% of market value (meaning what properties were selling for) as of January 1st each year.

My AG is not on the notice.

If you filed your application after April 1st, you may not see it on the notice. You can call the office at 512-303-1930 and we can verify receipt.

Why is my homestead cap missing or lower?

The homestead capped value will increase by 10% each year until it equals market value.  So as the capped value increases, the homestead cap will decrease.

Is this the tax amount I will be paying this year?

The tax amount on the notice is estimated using this year’s value multiplied by last year’s tax rate.  This is strictly an estimate.  Your final tax bill will be calculated using this year’s value and the tax rates that are adopted by the taxing units in the fall.

Why is IMPROVEMENT shown on my notice when I haven’t made any?

Improvement on your notice means any structure that is attached to the land.  A house, a barn, a shed or any structure is an improvement to the land.  It is a label and does not imply an improvement has been made.

My property is not worth this much…..

You will need to file a protest and select to protest the market value.   This is the value the property should sell for on January 1, between a willing seller and willing buyer, that are knowledgeable.  The best evidence to present at your hearing is sales information of property similar to yours.  These sales will be taken into consideration and adjusted for differences between the subject and the comparable.

My property is valued higher than my neighbors….

A protest of unequal appraisal is a protest in which the property owner feels that the value of their property is not equal to the value of similar property.  The best evidence to present at your hearing is a random selection of properties that are similar to yours.  These properties will be taken into consideration and adjusted for differences between the subject and the comparable.  The amount of change in value from one year to another or as compared to another property is NOT an unequal protest.  The appraisal district will randomly select approximately 10 properties similar in class, size, age and land size and make adjustments for any differences.

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