Agricultural, Wildlife and Land


Bastrop CAD Agricultural Use Guidelines

Bastrop CAD Wildlife Management Guidelines 

Bastrop CAD Timberland Guidelines

Texas Comptroller – Appraisal of Agricultural Land (2020)

Texas Comptroller – Guidelines for Wildlife Management 

Texas Comptroller – Manual for the Appraisal of Timberland (2020)


Agricultural and Wildlife Forms

****Forms that are not accessible are being updated for the current year or the deadline has passed to file.****


Agricultural 1-D-1 Application

Ecological Laboratories Application 50-166

Restricted Use Timber Land Application 50-281

Timber Land Application 50-167

TPWD – Wildlife Management Annual Report

TPWD – Wildlife Management Plan


Format and Delivery of Applications and Forms

You may deliver your form or application by

  • mail to our postal address of P.O. Box 578, Bastrop, Texas 78602
  • email to Agriculture Specialist
  • drop off box located at the front of our building located at 212 Jackson Street, Bastrop, Texas

When submitting a form or application by email, it must be legible and is preferred as a .pdf file.  Photo imagery of the form is not acceptable.

Other Land Forms

Public Access Airport Application

Real Property General Rendition 50-141

Recreation Park and Scenic Land application 50-168

Residential Real Property Inventory Rendition 50-143




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