PVS – Texas Comptroller Property Tax Assistance Division

The PVS or the Property Value Study is an independent estimate of taxable property value in each school district. The Texas Comptroller, Property Tax Assistance Division (PTAD) conducts this independent estimate of taxable value through the PVS.


The Primary Purpose is to help ensure equitable distribution of state funding for public education.  PTAD reports their findings to the commissioner of education. When the appraisal districts values are lower than PTAD’s estimate of values, the appraisal districts values, also known as local value is considered to be invalid or not at market value.  The appraisal district has two years to bring the value to market and pass the PVS with valid values to avoid school districts losing state funding.


The weighted mean of total taxable value must be greater than 95% and less than 105%.  The weighted mean is local taxable value / PTAD value.


All school districts within Bastrop CAD were studied in the 2022 PVS.  The links below are for each of the School Districts Summary findings.  All school districts passed with the exception of Bastrop ISD.  The overall weighted mean for each ISD for 2022 was:

      • Bastrop ISD   –   98.26%
      • Elgin ISD        –   97.36%
      • McDade ISD   –   97.90%
      • Smithville ISD –   97.86%



Texas Comptroller – PTAD – Property Value Study Flyer



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